Dé Academy, die Financiële Vrijheid mogelijk maakt!

What and How to Learn?


Crypto Starter Academy was established primarily to protect as many people as possible from the financial consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is inevitable that its adverse effects will become visible worldwide. Add to that the fact that our current financial system is collapsing and its bill is being presented to the ‘public’. The result could easily be a repetition of the economic crisis of the last century. Where the belt must be tightened for years.
Crypto is independent from our current financial system. In fact, the more money is ‘printed’, the less the money will be worth and the more Crypto will be worth.

Investing In Yourself equals Investing in Your Future!

Primary target audience

The primary target group of Crypto Starter Academy is therefore the absolute beginner in the field of investing and in Crypto in particular. The annual program ensures that they have sufficient knowledge at the end of that year, with which they can work well and in a structured way in the following years on wealth management. Crypto has cycles, in which history seems to repeat itself strongly. With that knowledge, i.e. insider knowledge, it should be possible to buy and sell Crypto at the right times. In practice, it has been found that on average more than 200% per year profit is possible with Crypto. Results achieved in the past are no guarantees for the future! But Crypto is a new “asset class” where price exploration may take another 10 years before it is widely accepted as an investment. During that period there will be a lot of volatility and therefore many investment opportunities will present themselves.

Secondary target audience

The secondary target group is anyone who has already worked with Crypto but has not yet been able to realize life-changing profits. For them, Crypto Starter Academy offers guidance and focus on the right things. In particular by means of the membership website and the personal coaching sessions teach you how to achieve your goals.

Learning structure

The structure of the course and year program is fully aimed at the absolute beginner. Everyone should be able to invest in Crypto and realize sustainable profits. Therefore, do not think in advance: “It is difficult! I can’t do this! Or: I’m too ‘blonde’!”.
Everyone will be able to do it, even if it seems difficult and complicated.
All lessons will be recorded so you can study the material multiple times. In addition, theme evenings will also be held on topics that require more attention. Students may introduce these themes themselves.
In short, whether you are an advanced Crypto investor or an absolute novice, the annual program starts at absolute zero, learning everything from the ground up. So also the advanced Crypto student must participate from scratch to gain access to all information.

Learning Program

What will you learn? You will learn, among other things:

  • What is Crypto?
  • Why was Crypto invented?
  • How is Crypto gaining value?
  • What’s wrong with our current financial system?
  • How to recognize promising Crypto
  • What is fundamental analysis?
  • What is technical analysis?
  • How to keep your Crypto safest
  • Which strategies can you apply?
  • How can you best assemble your Crypto portfolio?
  • What is Risk Management and how can you best avoid risks?
  • How to invest in Crypto
  • Where you can invest in Crypto?
  • The cheapest way to invest in Crypto
  • Which top-20 Crypto CSA chooses to set-up your Crypto portfolio

Global Learning Roadmap

This is what you can expect during the annual program: